Thursday, December 11, 2014

Podcasts by cats

Cats aren't making the podcasts but it's all about them. In the land of the "Purrtriarchy" it's all about the kitties. 

I was intrigued by the title of this podcast, “Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberians” on Pet Life Radio. After reading the description I had to listen to it. 

“Imagine yourself on a Viking ship, daring the violent seas and exploring new lands!   Do you know who is right there beside you?  Your loyal and faithful cat!!  Yes…believe it or not, the Norwegian Forest Cat likely traveled with these amazing seafarers and reached the North American shores more than 1000 years ago!” 

Listen at, If you like this one check out more at Pet Life Radio:

Norwegian Forest Cat Portrait from Wikimedia Commons
I love the ears on this cat. 

Of course the "Cat Whisperer " Jackson Galaxy has a podcast about cats at,  

I really liked this podcast, “Where did the crazy cat lady stereotype come from?” from Stuff Your Mom Never Told You. For anyone who has been called a "crazy cat lady" listen to this one. 

BB kitty gives a paws up on these podcasts.

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