Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's talk about cats and disqus comments are coming soon

Disqus comments are coming soon. My slow internet connection is not helping with the process of getting it set up. 

Back to the subject of talking about cats, the book "I & Claudius: Travels With My Cat" by Clare de Vries is a great read for cat lovers. 

"'A cross between Kerouac's ON THE ROAD and ANIMAL HOSPITAL. That's not something you get to say every day. London girl Clare de Vries' account of her road trip across America with her 19-year-old, chocolate-brown Burmese cat, Claudius, is nutty, neurotic and honest…de Vries is funny, fast and self-deprecating' CONDE NAST TRAVELLER Clare de Vries dreamed of chucking in her job and Thelma and Louise-ing it around the United States. Which is exactly what she did. Except that Louise was her nineteen-year-old chocolate brown Burmese cat Claudius. From celebrity pet hair stylists in New York to brown bears in the Appalachians, from astronauts in Nashville to Elvis's shag ceiling in Graceland to voodoo snakes in New Orleans, the unlikely couple just about kept their Guccis intact and even learnt to read a map. That was before riding with psychic cowboys in Texas, losing vital body parts in the Grand Canyon, gambling with hoods in Vegas and spilling drinks over film stars in Hollywood." - Google Books

I picked up this book because of the photo on the back of the book. She was holding her cat Claudius. I knew exactly how she felt in that moment. That feeling of bonding with a cat, being happy in that moment. 

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