Monday, November 24, 2014

Kevin Drum's "Friday Cat Blogging" and cat circles

I'm a huge fan of Kevin Drum's "Friday Cat Blogging." The November 7th article discusses "cat circles." Apparently cats are attracted to circles and the article discusses cat behavior about this phenomenon. 

What are cat circles you ask?

“Cat Circles, where cats are drawn to a makeshift circle, sit down in the middle of it and then refuse to move, are being recreated all over the world by plain old moggies who seemingly can't pass by a circle without being irresistibly drawn to it.”

Read the article, "Why did the cat sit in the circle? No idea, say dumbfounded vets, but this is one trick that even the stupidest pet can pull off" at 

Photographs by cat lover and photographer guermike show fellow feline fans how to create their own Cat Circle trick at home (Photo from Daily Mail.) 

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