Friday, January 30, 2015

What CATegories would you like to read about?

Are you a "cat person" or a "secret cat person?" Post your ideas on the cat topics you would like me to write about or link to. Thanks! 

Kitteh wants to know. 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

BB kitty's early life

This is the photo story of BB Cooper. He was born in 2013 and was the only survivor of a litter of three kittens. 

BB shortly after he was born. (BB is on the left) 

BB at two weeks. His mom put him up on a shelf and would carry the little guy around. 

BB and his mom. 

BB at three weeks. 

BB at five weeks. 

BB and his sister. (BB is six weeks old)

Friday, December 12, 2014

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Podcasts by cats

Cats aren't making the podcasts but it's all about them. In the land of the "Purrtriarchy" it's all about the kitties. 

I was intrigued by the title of this podcast, “Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberians” on Pet Life Radio. After reading the description I had to listen to it. 

“Imagine yourself on a Viking ship, daring the violent seas and exploring new lands!   Do you know who is right there beside you?  Your loyal and faithful cat!!  Yes…believe it or not, the Norwegian Forest Cat likely traveled with these amazing seafarers and reached the North American shores more than 1000 years ago!” 

Listen at, If you like this one check out more at Pet Life Radio:

Norwegian Forest Cat Portrait from Wikimedia Commons
I love the ears on this cat. 

Of course the "Cat Whisperer " Jackson Galaxy has a podcast about cats at,  

I really liked this podcast, “Where did the crazy cat lady stereotype come from?” from Stuff Your Mom Never Told You. For anyone who has been called a "crazy cat lady" listen to this one. 

BB kitty gives a paws up on these podcasts.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's talk about cats and disqus comments are coming soon

Disqus comments are coming soon. My slow internet connection is not helping with the process of getting it set up. 

Back to the subject of talking about cats, the book "I & Claudius: Travels With My Cat" by Clare de Vries is a great read for cat lovers. 

"'A cross between Kerouac's ON THE ROAD and ANIMAL HOSPITAL. That's not something you get to say every day. London girl Clare de Vries' account of her road trip across America with her 19-year-old, chocolate-brown Burmese cat, Claudius, is nutty, neurotic and honest…de Vries is funny, fast and self-deprecating' CONDE NAST TRAVELLER Clare de Vries dreamed of chucking in her job and Thelma and Louise-ing it around the United States. Which is exactly what she did. Except that Louise was her nineteen-year-old chocolate brown Burmese cat Claudius. From celebrity pet hair stylists in New York to brown bears in the Appalachians, from astronauts in Nashville to Elvis's shag ceiling in Graceland to voodoo snakes in New Orleans, the unlikely couple just about kept their Guccis intact and even learnt to read a map. That was before riding with psychic cowboys in Texas, losing vital body parts in the Grand Canyon, gambling with hoods in Vegas and spilling drinks over film stars in Hollywood." - Google Books

I picked up this book because of the photo on the back of the book. She was holding her cat Claudius. I knew exactly how she felt in that moment. That feeling of bonding with a cat, being happy in that moment. 

Kevin Drum's "Friday Cat Blogging" and cat circles

I'm a huge fan of Kevin Drum's "Friday Cat Blogging." The November 7th article discusses "cat circles." Apparently cats are attracted to circles and the article discusses cat behavior about this phenomenon. 

What are cat circles you ask?

“Cat Circles, where cats are drawn to a makeshift circle, sit down in the middle of it and then refuse to move, are being recreated all over the world by plain old moggies who seemingly can't pass by a circle without being irresistibly drawn to it.”

Read the article, "Why did the cat sit in the circle? No idea, say dumbfounded vets, but this is one trick that even the stupidest pet can pull off" at 

Photographs by cat lover and photographer guermike show fellow feline fans how to create their own Cat Circle trick at home (Photo from Daily Mail.) 

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